A few tips to get a laugh by pranking your mates

A few tips to get a laugh by pranking your mates

Life is full of problems, and a lot of stress and many people find it hard to even get a laugh once in a while. It does not have to be the 1st of April to play a prank on your friends so here are a few crazy ones that will get you rolling on the floor by seeing the reaction of your friends.

Prank deliveries


You can order something weird like an adult magazine or a sex toy and have it delivered to your friend’s house. They will have no clue how it got there, and you can be there for the delivery. Who knows, they might be bewildered or might enjoy the surprise.


Prank calls

A hilarious way to get your friend either pissing in their pants or just scared. You can find many themes and pranks at A1 Wind Ups which is guaranteed to make your friend go crazy while you have a laugh. Some are so crazy that they involve prank law enforcement and medical calls too. You can tell them it was you after you have had your fun, but be ready for a comeback as they might do the same to you.

False meeting

You can send your friend a text and ask them to meet you somewhere really odd. One good idea would be (if your friend is a man) to tell them to meet you in front of a women’s lingerie store. Leave them standing there for a while until you finally feel sorry for them and ask them to meet you somewhere else. Make sure you message them a couple of time saying you are on your way so that they do not leave the “Meeting point.”

Wedding pranks

hstrrthsThere are many pranks that can be played on newly wed couples. If you have access to their room for the wedding night, you can consider lining every switch in the room with toothpaste. Whenever they want to turn on a light, they will get toothpaste on their fingers. You can also break some old bread and leave it floating in the toilet. In case the room has a ceiling fan, put some glitter on the blades, and when they finally retire for the night and switch on the fan, they will be covered with glitter.


Whatever prank you play on your mates, ensure they are safe and no one gets hurt as this will ruin the entire objective.…