Poetry can be described as a kind of communication in written form that is used to pass information to the relevant parties without addressing them directly. It is more than a career, passion or a source of entertainment. Poetry is used to express one’s thoughts and desires to other people so that they are aware of what is happening. Poetry can be used for any occasion be it marriage, funeral, political rally or even graduation

The significance of poems in our lives

Voicing our thoughts

We are all involved in thinking about many things in our lives. Poetry provides an avenue for the voicing of thoughts, beliefs and even feelings. Sometimes it is as a result of the kind of misunderstandings that a person suffers. This produces mixed reactions such as anger, agony, and frustration. All these can be penned down in a bid to express such feelings. The readers or the listeners get a chance to see things from the poet’s perspective.

Reality is revealed

Sometimes words alone may not be enough to express how we feel. It happens to everyone at some point. A poet somewhere may have undergone the same and written a poem out of it. Most people would confine such hurtful things in their heart, but poets use that to pour them in the form of poems which even end up helping these people who have been hurt. Poems look beyond what people see often achieved through the use of literal languages such as metaphors or other ways which provoke one to have a deeper meaning of whatever they are engulfed in.

Expression of beauty

Poetry is also used to express beauty and feelings as well. It is a fancy kind of art. It helps one to look beyond the bells and also whistles and concentrate on the words being spoken. The poet also has to look for words that will express the beauty being described so that one can already have a picture in their mind of that which is being described.

Represents historical events

Poetry has been passed down to the different generations. As it is being passed along to these generations, it passes down historical events as well. The thoughts and feelings of the older generation are passed down to us. The things they considered important beautiful and profound are stated to the future generations through these poems.

Poetry is beyond the rhyming words. They have a deeper meaning than what they sound like. It gives one room to think beyond the known. We cannot avoid stressing the importance of teaching poetry to our children so that they also enjoy what was passed down to us from the previous generation.

With the use of technology nowadays, our children can access different poems from different poets who come from different parts of the world. They also have a feel of what other cultures felt like. They can also use the same technology to write their poems by taking online poetry classes and grow their talents in poetry. They end up not only writing their poems but also sing them as songs.