Factors To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Pianist

Pianists are widely appreciated, and they can be hired to perform in a variety of events like corporate events, weddings and birthday parties among other events. It is essential to hire a pianist for weddings because you can rely on them to provide sophisticated background music while the people at the event are interacting without interrupting them. A wedding is an important day for most individuals; therefore, they will strive to ensure that everything is perfect and that includes the music sector. Below are some of the factors that you should consider before hiring a pianist for your wedding.

Tips For Hiring A Wedding Pianist

Ensure They Have Public Liability Insurance

In most states, the pianists will be covered by the public liability insurance. However, as much as most of them have the cover, it is important to confirm with the one you want to hire if they have it or not before allowing them to work for you. Therefore, in the case of an accident during their performance, you will not incur any costs to cover for any damages.

Type Of Genre To Be Played

Different people have different tastes in music, and that goes for their crowd as well. Therefore, decide on the genre of music that you would prefer and one that will entertain your crowd too. After that, you can look up for the pianists online and have a listen at their work. Whoever you feel is best for your preferred genre should be on your list. After having a list, you can contact each of them, and that will guide you to the best choice for your wedding.

Requirements Of The Artist

As you interact with the potential performers, you will gauge what they might need during the event. For instance, those who will come with their equipment may need a parking space that is close to the venue. In addition to that, they might need a room that they will use to store some of the equipment that they may not be using and other valuables. Also, as a polite gesture, offer them a meal and soft drinks.

Does The Venue Have A House Piano?

Most of the artists will bring their keyboards. Therefore, they will need to perform in an area that is within reach to a power source. If the venue has a house piano, let the artist beforehand so that they can decide if they will use it or bring theirs.