Wedding photography ideas for a rainy day

Wedding photography ideas for a rainy day


Are you having your wedding on a rainy day? You should be ready to get wet if that is what it will take to get the best wedding photos. Your photographer, too, should know about this in advance and prepare adequately. Do not let the wet drops spoil your day. At your side, these wedding photography ideas for a rainy day should be adequate to make yours a memorable day.

Use flash to emulate

22ksgkjdhjhYou may not be expecting any sunlight at all. But that should not mean that you will not have to bring in the natural feel. Using flash could be the perfect solution for this particular problem. As long as you can work with the flash and other settings, no one could tell if there is no sunlight during your wedding.

Come with umbrellas handy

If you expect rain during your wedding, you better tell your clients to come with umbrellas. You will need to take some of the photos outside and the rain should not be a problem.

Have makeup and hair artist on the deck

It is advisable that you have someone by your side to take care of your make up needs during the downpour. You do not want the drops to spoil your looks for the great moment.

Gear up with zip locks and rain sleeves

As a photographer, you will need to protect your equipment and give your clients the best wedding photographs despite the unwelcome weather. Since you will want to cover the wedding to the last moment, the zip locks and rain sleeves will be your best compatriots.

Don’t be afraid to get wet

If you are trying to get the best photos while it is raining and you are not ready to get your long dress wet, you may just forget about it all. Get a little wet and let those moments live with you for the rest of your life. If this is what you want, then you should be prepared to splash water on your expensive gown or suit. And that is the beauty of taking your wedding photos in the rain.

Timing is always important

To bring out the best from a rainy photography,
Timing is always a big factor. Both the photographer and the couples should have perfect timing both for the rain drops and the camera capture. It is a skill that needs mastering so you should ensure that you get the best photographer for such a situation.

For indoor situations, master flash photography

33bvkjdhojio;If the rain is too much to bear you may have to take your photos from the indoors. You can still capture a few rainy scenes from the inside. Your flash photography skills will come in handy for this one.

If your client plans to have their wedding on a rainy day, you should be prepared for the day. These ideas should help you through the day and have something good to show the couples. Your photography skills will be of much help here, so you better be up to scratch when it comes to such situations.…

Four Qualities Of A Great Photographer

Four Qualities Of A Great Photographer

For quality photographs, most people or companies rely on expert photographers. There are many photographers, but the ugly truth is that not all of them are created equal, and you might make a wrong decision if you don’t do a proper research before making your choice. Great pictures will attract many potential clients and make your products sell like hot cake. Just infuse them with creativity in your business catalog or marketing pamphlets you can note the significant increase in your sales. That is why the need for professional photographers have skyrocketed.

But you need to find the finest photographer for your promotions or marketing plans. So what makes a great photographer? The following are some qualities to make the process a walk in the park for your next project. They will help you identify the professional that is worth your money be it for model photography, adverts, product catalog printing just to mention a few.

Qualities Of A Photographer


Before handing anyone the responsibility of taking charge of your brand image, ensure that they have the relevant experience in your niche. For example, if you need a commercial photographer then they should have done some impressive projects before. Similarly, a model photographer should have a portfolio of modeling images. A photographers experience will give you a rough idea of what you can expect from their work and how talented they are to handle your brand image.

Attention to detail

A talented photographer pays attention to details meaning that they focus even on the small details of the photo. Not every photographer can capture the tiniest of details when the need arises. Only a small fraction of them have a good experience and sound knowledge required to focus on both the minute and big things in the image. They know how to highlight, edit or delete them as per your requirements to improve the qualities of the picture.


Making something ordinary to look extraordinary is what is known as creativity. It’s an attribute that can make a photographer stand head and shoulder tall above his or her competitors. If you need to unearth out more about a photographer’s creativity, have a look at their portfolio to discover how they have breathed life into everyday products. Did he succeed in connecting the product the buyers? After making an excellent analysis, you will know more about the abilities of the photographer.


If you don’t want to waste time hiring different photographers for various projects, then you should pick one that can quickly complete any project. For instance, if you need to include models and products in the same image then look for a photographer that is talented in both fields. Finding photographers that can complete every type of project may be a bit challenging but when find one you can be the luckiest person alive.

With the qualities highlighted in this post, finding the right person for the job for your next photography project will be a breeze, and you will reap the benefits without having to part with lots of cash.…