How to become better at FPS games

How to become better at FPS games

Playing games can be one of the most excellent ways to spend your time, especially when you’re on a break. Today we’re going to discuss one of the most popular genres in video games, first person shooter or FPS for short. Playing FPS can be quite frustrating especially if you have trouble shooting your enemies, but do not worry we all start from somewhere. So, stock yourselves some snacks and drinks while we list several tips on how to become better at FPS games. Also, if you’re a fan of Star Citizen, check out this site for a referral program which is perfect for you fps lovers.

Practice, practice, and practice

There are no easy ways of being a professional at FPS games; you have to keep playing and learning at the same time. Try playing alone against the computer as you start getting familiar with the controls, guns and also how the game works. After you feel like you’re getting the hang of it, try online competitive play against real people, it’s okay if you’re doing poorly in the match, all you need to do is to keep learning.

Tip: besides practicing, it’s always a good idea to know the maps of the game, that will help a lot during games as you can predict where your enemy is while also securing an escape route for yourself.

Familiarize yourself with the guns

musketWe’ve mentioned before that it is essential to know all of the weapons. Usually, in FPS games most of the firearms are handguns, shotguns, rifles, and sniper rifles. Mastering these guns can help you to use every weapon in every situation, which will make you a jack of trades, which is very good as every match have an unpredicted situation.

Tip: Rifles are perfect in all condition but have the least damage compared to shotguns and sniper rifles. Snipers are great from afar and can usually kill in one shot, while the shotgun is perfect to counter these long-range killers in close range.

Awareness and sensitivitygaming headphone

One of the most important thing in playing FPS games are your hearings. Certain sounds or footsteps can alarm you, and vice versa for your enemies as well. For the best awareness, we recommend getting a good headphone and a gaming mouse, it doesn’t have to be a premium brand, but a decent one will be enough.

Tip: low sensitivity is perfect for a sniping mode, make sure you get a mouse that has a button that can quickly switch the sensitivity speed. Also, a gaming mouse with a higher DPI (dot per inch), will help in your FPS performances.


Wedding photography ideas for a rainy day

Wedding photography ideas for a rainy day


Are you having your wedding on a rainy day? You should be ready to get wet if that is what it will take to get the best wedding photos. Your photographer, too, should know about this in advance and prepare adequately. Do not let the wet drops spoil your day. At your side, these wedding photography ideas for a rainy day should be adequate to make yours a memorable day.

Use flash to emulate

22ksgkjdhjhYou may not be expecting any sunlight at all. But that should not mean that you will not have to bring in the natural feel. Using flash could be the perfect solution for this particular problem. As long as you can work with the flash and other settings, no one could tell if there is no sunlight during your wedding.

Come with umbrellas handy

If you expect rain during your wedding, you better tell your clients to come with umbrellas. You will need to take some of the photos outside and the rain should not be a problem.

Have makeup and hair artist on the deck

It is advisable that you have someone by your side to take care of your make up needs during the downpour. You do not want the drops to spoil your looks for the great moment.

Gear up with zip locks and rain sleeves

As a photographer, you will need to protect your equipment and give your clients the best wedding photographs despite the unwelcome weather. Since you will want to cover the wedding to the last moment, the zip locks and rain sleeves will be your best compatriots.

Don’t be afraid to get wet

If you are trying to get the best photos while it is raining and you are not ready to get your long dress wet, you may just forget about it all. Get a little wet and let those moments live with you for the rest of your life. If this is what you want, then you should be prepared to splash water on your expensive gown or suit. And that is the beauty of taking your wedding photos in the rain.

Timing is always important

To bring out the best from a rainy photography,
Timing is always a big factor. Both the photographer and the couples should have perfect timing both for the rain drops and the camera capture. It is a skill that needs mastering so you should ensure that you get the best photographer for such a situation.

For indoor situations, master flash photography

33bvkjdhojio;If the rain is too much to bear you may have to take your photos from the indoors. You can still capture a few rainy scenes from the inside. Your flash photography skills will come in handy for this one.

If your client plans to have their wedding on a rainy day, you should be prepared for the day. These ideas should help you through the day and have something good to show the couples. Your photography skills will be of much help here, so you better be up to scratch when it comes to such situations.…